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Why us?

You’ve found the program and organizer that is wholeheartedly committed to providing Birthright participants with superior service and the trip of a lifetime. Amazing Israel is a non-denominational, pluralistic and all-accepting organization where you will feel welcome and comfortable in Israel regardless of your religious affiliation. What’s the difference? You’ll feel the difference. Experience the unparalleled nightlife of Tel Aviv, explore the old-world markets, take a swim everywhere from the hot springs of the Golan Heights to the golden shores of the Mediterranean. Float in the Dead Sea, learn about our shared history and culture, witness the vastness that Israel has to offer. Establish your own connection to the roots of your people, and share the journey with new friends. We welcome all Birthright participants, no matter who you are, or where you’re from.



Amazing Israel Explore


From history to the present, from mountain peaks to the lowest point on earth, explore Israel from all angles on the program that Amazing Israel is famous for.

Amazing Israel Extreme Adventure

Israel from the top of a mountain, from the seat of a bike, middle of a lake or from the inside of a cave…the view is different from here.
Classic itinerary with a side-order of serious adrenaline.

Amazing Israel Urban Experience

From the ancient stone of Jerusalem to the graffiti and Bauhaus of Tel Aviv, Israel’s cities await you. If the bright lights and noise of the city are the backdrop you prefer, Amazing Israel Urban Experience is for you.

What people are saying...
  • Israel was the most magical experience of my life!  I feel so blessed.

    Nicole Nerlinger
  • I am forever grateful. Nothing in my life has come close to having such a positive impact. 

    Michael Kane
  • These were by far the greatest 10 days of my life.

    Ari Rubenfeld
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