Amazing Israel Explore

Explore Israel – Explore your roots – Explore yourself.

This is the program Amazing Israel is famous for, and it’s perfect for your first trip to Israel! Get up close and personal with the classic tourist sites and hidden gems of Israel through tons of unique and inspiring educational experiences. On this amazing trip you’ll be free to explore your Jewish identity in an open, pluralistic environment while making lifelong friendships with your American and Israeli peers.

Appropriate for: All Jewish Backgrounds

Ages: We will be running buses for a variety of ages. See specific age groups for trips below.

Trips Departing:

Departing 5/27/2018 (Ages 18-22)

Departing 5/27/2018 from LAX (Ages 22-26)

Departing 5/28/2018 (Ages 22-26)

Departing 6/3/2018 (Ages 18-22)

Departing 6/6/2018 (Ages 22-26)

Departing 6/24/2018 (Ages 18-22)

Departing 6/24/2018 from LAX (Ages 18-24)

Departing 6/24/2018 (Ages 22-26)

Departing 7/16/2018 from LAX (Ages 18-24)

Departing 7/23/2018 (Ages 22-26)

Sample Itinerary

“This has been one of the best life changing experiences,I didn’t realize that when I signed up that the favorite thing would be to have the Israelis on our trip”
~Evan Stein


“I didn’t realize how close I would feel to my religion and that I would feel so connected to the land and people of Israel”
~Kirby Atlas


“I feel an enhanced sense of pride of my identity and of being Jewish after being here on amazing Israel birthright”
~Corey Birembaum