Have Questions about the trip? Here are some words of wisdom for you from our past participants…

“Don’t forget to bring a hat and water bottle. Also make as many friends as possible and take as many pictures as you can while still living in the moment”

“Enjoy every moment of it. The days may seem long, but the trip will go by fast.”

“Be open minded, make friends, and go in knowing at most one or two other people.”

“Do everything there is to offer!”

“Make sure you bring a positive attitude on the trip and to get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!”

“Sign up and go!”

“Jump in with both feet.”

“Seize every opportunity you can.”

“Keep your things organized and engage in any conversation possible.”

“Live in the now and appreciate each moment.”

“Pack lightly and definitely extend your trip.”

“Be open and be yourself with everyone on the trip.”

“Be open and talk to everyone. You will be really surprised by how many connections you’ll make and don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone.”

“Prepare for a lot of fun and very little sleep!”

“No matter what’s going on back at home, leave it at home and just enjoy the amazing experience you’re going to get from this trip. Israel is truly #amazing.”

“Take in the history of the nation, it is fascinating and beautiful.”

“Go on Amazing Israel Birthright- it was the best decision I have ever made!”