Alumni Interview: Lilly

Amazing Israel: What were some of your favorite moments on your Birthright Isreal: Amazing Israel trip?

Lilly:  I loved visiting the west wall. I wasn’t familiar with it before my trip, so it was a new experience. It was my favorite was because I felt an emotional connection to it. I have never bonded so much with that aspect of my heritage, so it was really special to me. Also, I loved the food tour with a local Israeli guide! The sparkling water that was infused with fresh fruit was to die for. The graffiti tour was also really interesting because the guy that took us around was a graffiti artist himself, and he was talking about his own culture. What I remember the most was seeing the different styles and seeing reoccurring themes around the city

AI: What did you wish you knew when you were packing? 

L: My packing advice would be to use space saver bags! Just having your stuff organized in smaller bags in general helps. Also, I wish I’d bought my Polaroid camera to share photos instantly with other participants. I definitely needed a scarf for the sun, so it would’ve been nice to pack one, but buying one in Israel was cool too. 

AI: Did you go on your trip alone?

L: Yes, and it was fun! It was nice being in a group setting where making friends is easy. A lot of people were by themselves, so don’t let that stop you.

AI: What was your favorite city on the trip? 

L: Tel Aviv. The museum was interesting and unique during the day. But at night it’s a whole new place, with an awesome vibe! People were living unapologetically themselves and everyone’s spirits were high!

AI: Why did you pick the Edible Israel trip?

L: I’m a foodie, so I love food and experiencing new things! There was a lot of food I’d never had before, and I liked stepping out of my comfort zone.

AI: Final question: Describe your experience in one word!

L: Unforgettable

Thank you, Lilly, for sharing your awesome stories and tips! 

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