Explore Israel NOW!


Immerse yourself in an enriching experience. Journey through history – ancient and modern. Receive a holistic perspective regarding Israel and the Middle East on a trip specifically designed for people ages 27-32.

Trip dates


Departure / ReturnAirportTripAgesAvailabilityRegister
December 9 – December 19EWRExplore Israel NOW27-32Wait list EXPLORENOW
December 15 – December 26EWRExplore Israel22-26Wait list EXPLOREISRAEL
December 16 – December 27JFKEdible Israel20-26Wait list EDIBLE
December 22 – January 2EWRExplore Israel18-22Wait list EXPLOREISRAEL
December 22 – January 2EWRExplore Israel22-26Wait list EXPLOREISRAEL
December 22 – January 2LAXLA Way Entertainment22-29Limited Space Available LAENT
December 23 – January 3EWRExtreme Israel18-24Wait list EXTREME
December 25 – January 6EWRUrban Israel18-24Limited Space Available URBANTLV
January 1 – January 12LAXExtreme Israel18-24Limited Space AvailableEXTREME
January 5 – January 16JFKExplore Israel20-26Limited Space Available EXPLOREISRAEL
January 5 – January 16JFKExplore Israel NOW27-32Limited Space Available EXPLORENOW
January 5 – January 16LAXExplore Israel NOW27-32Limited Space Available EXPLORENOW
January 5 – January 13BOSBoston Explore & Harvard Hillel18-22Limited Space Available EXPLOREISRAEL
January 12 – January 23JFKExplore Israel27-32 Limited Space AvailableEXPLORENOW
March 15 – March 26JFKExplore Israel19-25Limited Space AvailableEXPLOREISRAEL