Explore Israel


Explore famous sites and scenic hikes. Experience the essence of Israel in a diverse, inclusive setting. Make lifelong memories and friends.

AGES: We have Explore trips for all Birthright Israel eligible participants, from age 18 to age 32.

Trip dates


May 5rd-May 13thEWREretz Chemda Couples27-32Limited SpaceEretz Chemda
May 10th – May 20thJFKFriendship Circle Michigan18-32limited SpaceCIRCLE
May 10th – May 21stJFKExtreme Israel20-26Limited SpaceEXTREME
May 13th – May 24thJFKExplore Israel20-24Limited spaceEXPLOREISRAEL
May 13th – May 24thJFKExtreme Israel18-22Limited SpaceEXTREME
May 17th – May 28thJFKEdible Israel20-26Limited SpaceEDIBLE
May 17th – May 27thATLExplore Israel18-24Limited SpaceEXPLOREISRAEL
May 31st – June 11thJFKUrban Israel18-24Limited SpaceURBANTLV
June 2nd – June 12thJFKExplore Israel27-32Limited spaceEXPLOREISRAEL
June 3rd – June 14thEWRExplore Israel18-22Limited SpaceEXPLOREISRAEL
June 3rd – June 14thEWRExplore Israel22-26Limited SpaceEXPLOREISRAEL
June 3rd – June 14thLAXExtreme Israel18-24Limited SpaceEXTREME
June 7th – June 17thJFKPhiladelphia Birthright Israel Experience22-26Limited SpacePhiladelphia
June 7th – June 17thJFKExplore Israel22-26Limited SpaceEXPLORE
June 14th June 25thLAXEdible Israel18-24Limited SpaceEDIBLE
June 21st – July 1stJFKFriendship Circle Philadelphia18-32AvailableCIRCLE
June 28th – July 9thLAXLA Way Entertainment22-29Limited SpaceLAENT
June 29th – July 10thJFKExplore Israel18-24Limited SpaceEXPLOREISRAEL
June 30th – July 10thJFKExplore Israel22-26Limited SpaceEXPLOREISRAEL
July 6th – July 17thJFKUrban Israel20-26Limited SpaceURBANTLV
July 6th – July 16thEWRLacrosse18-24AvailableLACROSSE
July 12th – July 23rdJFKExplore Israel27-32Limited spaceEXPLOREISRAEL
July 13th – 23rdLAXExplore Israel27-32Limited SpaceEXPLOREISRAEL
July 19th – July 29thEWRUrban Israel20-26Limited SpaceURBANTLV
July 26th – August 6thLAXExplore Israel18-24Limited SpaceEXPLOREISRAEL
August 2nd – August 13thJFKSephardic Israel18-24AvailableEXPLOREISRAEL
August 2nd – August 13thJFKMens Trip18-24Limited SpaceMEN
August 3rd – August 13thEWRWomens Trip18-24Limited SpaceWOMEN
August 5th – August 17thJFKFrench Connection18-24AvailableFRENCH
August 2nd – August 13thJFKExplore Israel18-24AvailableEXPLOREISRAEL

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