Explore Now

Immerse yourself in an enriching experience. Journey through history – ancient and modern. Receive a holistic perspective regarding Israel and the Middle East. 

Friendship Circle

Set off on a journey into sight and sound. Tour alongside like-minded young adults with special needs. Build connections with one another and the Land of Israel.  

No Limits

Discover Israel in a fully accessible program. Travel with a team of dedicated staffers. Make lifelong friends. 

Foodies Unite

An amazing culinary experience steeped in history. Seasoned with a blend of modern Israeli culture. Explore Israeli cuisine and flavors unique only to Israel.


Partake in one of the world’s largest pride parades. Gain an understanding of LGBTQ rights and an appreciation for community activism in Israel.

Harvard Hillel

Discover Israel with your friends from Harvard Hillel. Explore ancient, diverse and modern cities. Make lifelong memories and friends.


Learn about Israel while doing something you love. Team up and play with athletes from around the country. Forge friendships through sportsmanship. 

LA Way Explore

Explore famous sites, bustling cities and beautiful hikes with other Angelenos. Make friends in an open-minded, pluralistic environment. Gain a rich and diversified perspective of Israeli society and the global Jewish community.

LA Way Entertainment

Get a behind the scenes look at the entertainment industry. Network with a variety of artists. Make lifelong memories and friends.

Sephardic Israel

Designed especially for Sephardic, Greek and Turkish Jews. Learn and experience Sephardic traditions. Connect to your culture while exploring Israel.

Film Television & Media Production

Discover Israel through the lens of Israeli film and TV persona. Get in on the act with leading filmmakers. Discuss cultural aspects of modern and ancient Israel. 

French Connection

Sign up for the first ever American-French Birthright trip. Join a group of American and French participants. Tour in English and make lifelong friends from France.