Passport Information


All program participants must have a valid passport. Valid is defined as 7 months from the participant’s date of return. As part of the application process, all program participants are required to provide a copy of their valid passport through their application or via email to: [email protected].

All valid passports must be submitted no less than 65 days prior to the participant’s date of departure. Without a valid passport, Amazing Israel cannot book an airline ticket for the participant who has applied to come to Israel with Amazing Israel.

For participants that hold Israeli citizenship (either by birth or via a parent with Israeli citizenship) it is very important to contact the Israeli Embassy/Consulate to obtain documents that are essential for travel to and from Israel.

If a participant does not provide us with a copy of their valid passport by the above deadline, said participant will not be permitted to join the program.



If a participant’s passport has been issued by a country other than the U.S. or Canada, it is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a VISA, if needed, for Israel and any layovers along the way. Some countries will require foreign passport holders to obtain a VISA just for the layover. Any participant who does not have a proper VISA will not be permitted to board the flight at the airport of departure.

Some of our flights have a stopover in Canada. Any person arriving to Canada from the U.S. (for connections in YYZ) and traveling with a foreign passport should check if a VISA is required for entry to YYZ. It is recommended to check with the consulate.

Arriving without proper documentation will result in being extradited to the U.S. with no possibility of continuing to Israel. A Transit VISA may be required and can be obtained online. This is not relevant for the holder of a valid U.S. or Canadian passport.

The Government of Canada has implemented Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTA) for persons in transit through or visiting Canada. More information can be found on the Government of Canada’s website:

Domestic Travel


All participants are responsible for their own domestic travel to the departure airport. You must arrive at least four (4) hours prior to the time of your group departure and flight.

Neither Birthright Israel nor Amazing Israel are responsible for any cancellations or changes in the group flight schedule. We strongly advise all participants to purchase comprehensive travel insurance. This will cover changes to their domestic flight. It will also cover delays or cancellations of their international flight (in the case of international flight delays, cancellations and re-routing). Please note that any costs incurred due to international flight changes is the sole responsibility of the participant.