Program Details Summer 2019

Programs offered on the weeks of: May 26th , June 2nd , June 10th, June 30th , July 14th , July 21st , August 4th , August 25th

1. The He(ART) of Israel – Israeli art and culture. 4 days. Tel Aviv, Negev.

Join us for 4 fascinating days of Israeli art and culture. We will meet designers and participate in cool workshops. Workshops will include dance, design, fashion, music, painting and photography.

2. Multi-Cultural Israel – Discover the diversity of Israel. 5 days. Jerusalem, Abu Ghosh.

Spend 5 days exploring the multi-ethnic communities of Jerusalem and learn how these different communities co-exist. You will make cultural connections in a traditional Arab village, live on an authentic kibbutz, and celebrate Shabbat in a Hasidic Jewish community.

3. Mountains & Mystics – A 7-day retreat to energize your spirit. 7 days. Tzfat.

Awaken your soul. Explore the mystical city of Tzfat. Enjoy 7 days of hiking, meditation, authentic interactions, and meaningful community service.

4. The Foods of Israel – A culinary experience through Israeli diversity. 4 days. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Negev.

Savor Israeli food, get your hands dirty in cooking workshops, meet culinary leaders, and learn how food helps build a melting pot community within Israeli society.

5. Sea-to-Sea Trek – Hike from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee. 5 days. Galilee.

Embark on a 4-day hike from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee. Cross the Galilee highlands, learn important orienteering skills, enjoy campfire meals, and sleep under the stars.

6. Eilat, Heart and Soul – Delve deeper, beyond the surface of Israel and yourself. 5 days. Eilat.

In the epic city of Eilat, see the sunrise on Mount Tzfachot, meditate under the desert sky, snorkel in the Red Sea, for your personal transformation and gain life-changing insights.

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