What should you bring with you on your trip to Israel?


In the summer, the weather is hot and dry during the day and cool at night.

It should be assumed that there will not be time to do laundry, however, you should pack as lightly as possible. We recommend one large suitcase or a duffel bag (checked baggage) per person, and a school-sized backpack for your carry-on.ย We recommend that you carry important, personal and valuable items (such as medications) in your carry-on.

Note that you will be responsible for packing and transporting your own bags numerous times during the trip, so if you canโ€™t carry your bags, they are too heavy!

Summer Packing List:

Amazing Israel is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings.

In Israel people dress very casually and in most places anything goes. We recommend, however, that for religious sites (e.g. the Western Wall and synagogues in Tzfat) you dress modestly.

For women, a skirt that comes to the knees and a shirt that covers oneโ€™s shoulders and upper arms. Low cut tops are not recommended. We also recommend having a pashmina or scarf that can be wrapped over regular clothes.

For men, long pants and a shirt that comes at least halfway down your upper arm.