What’s the Shuk?

In the capital of Israel, there is a huge outdoor market called the Machane Yehuda Market, or the shuk. This popular hangout place in Jerusalem is packed with restaurants, housewares, groceries, and culture. There are food stands with all kinds of traditional Israeli foods. From fresh fruits to candy, baked goods, and fish. There are also shops with fashion items such as jewelry, clothing, and accessories. This market is also blooming with art. The walls and gates of restaurants are covered in amazing street art and murals.  

The shuk also has a thriving nightlife with bars and dancing. The main street of the shuk is strung with twinkling lights at night. Live bands and DJs line the market creating a nonstop street party. 

My top picks of things to try:

  • Halva
    • This fudge-like dessert is made from sesame and comes in a variety of flavors. We tried to date, maple, and pastichio. They were all delicious! 
  • Gummy Candy 
    • The hype about Isreali gummy candy is well earned. It is different than any other candy I have had. It is soft and sweet, with real fruity flavor. 
  • Sambusak
    • Looking for a warm savory snack? Ths fried dough commonly filled with chickpeas and spices will hit the spot on a chilly evening. 

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