Which Birthright Trip is Best for Vegans?

Have you been interested in taking a Birthright trip, but hesitated because of a dietary choice or restrictions? You are in luck! Birthright Isreal: Amazing Israel has some great trips that cater to everyone’s needs. Here are the two top trip choices that we recommend for Vegan or Vegetarian participants. 

1. Edible Israel

While you might avoid a food-themed trip if you have specific food restrictions, this is actually the perfect trip to get a taste of Israel your way! The trip includes elevated food experiences all around Israel. There are always opportunities to try foods and pick your favorite. Since this is a foodie trip, all the other participants will be asking questions about the food. This means that you won’t feel awkward when you ask to make sure it’s vegan/gluten-free/etc. During guided food tours, you will have the chance to ask your guide about food specifications and recommendations as well. These knowledgeable locals can help you find the best options!

If you want to know before you go, we have a separate blog post of our Top Recommended Isreali Vegan Food here. 

Additionally, remember that the majority of Israel serves kosher meals. This means that in a meal that has dairy, you can be certain that there will not be meat. You will also never have to worry about shellfish for anyone with that allergy! 

Edible Israel is an amazing experience infused in history and Middle Eastern cuisine. Seasoned with a blend of modern Israeli culture. Garnished with friends while experiencing Israel at its finest. Sign up for this trip today! 

Cooking Israeli food!

2. Urban Israel

The second recommendation we have is the Urban Israel trip.  This trip highlights the big cities of Israel where the progressive culture is influenced by modern ideals. This means that current trends in food are highly common and respected. Also, did you know that Israel has the vegan capital of the world? (Check out our post here to learn more about that.) Visit the place where being vegan is the norm! With so many vegan Israelis, the contemporary cities have to keep up in creating new dishes and restaurants that cater to this diet. That means no more having to ask for vegan substitutions because they are already listed on the menu! 

Not only will you get to experience the modern cities, but you will also take in the art, and culture of Israel. You will explore the origins of Israeli history while seeing the current day sites. If you love art, culture, and history, this is the trip for you! 

Amazing Israel understands how challenging it can be to travel when you have dietary needs. We still want you to have an amazing time, so we have put together trips that do both! 

Sign up today for one of these Birthright Isreal: Amazing Isreal trips today, and get your foodie on!

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