Will Birthright be Accepting of Me?

If you identify as Jewish you have probably considered attending a Birthright trip. If you also identify as LGBTQ+, you may have had hesitations. 

Will the Birthright experience be accepting of my identity?

Are there trips that are more accepting than others?

Will I have to hide who I am?

Taken at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Being Jewish and queer is not easy. A combination of intersecting identities that both face public discrimination is difficult to manage. It can make you feel vulnerable from multiple angles. However, it can also be empowering. 

The history of Judaism always comes down to this: They tried to kill us, we survived. 

This is an ongoing and inspiring sentiment that many tour guides incite during Birthright Israel: Amazing Israel journeys. Amazing Israel is pluralistic and acknowledges all aspects of Judaism. Whether you feel empowered by the Jewish religion, culture, and/or history, Amazing Israel will provide a space for that connection. 

We, at Birthright Israel: Amazing Israel, believe that all Jewish young adults deserve to visit their homeland of Israel. We have created trips like Urban Israel that explore the modern cities of Israel and their progressive ideals. We think that visiting Israel is an excellent way to connect to your roots without judgment. 

Tel Aviv is one of the progressive cities visited during Birthright trips. Tel Aviv has a huge pride parade every summer. They also have gay bars scattered throughout the city. You’ll surely hear the song “Tel Aviv”  by Omer Adam and Arisa, as it has become a city anthem. It is also a gay anthem, which will become apparent when you watch the video below! 

If you want to hear from queer peers who have traveled with Amazing Isreal, here are some testimonies from recent participants:

“Attending Birthright while being visibly queer was daunting, but when I arrived at the airport, I was immediately surrounded by welcoming participants and staff. I found an unexpected acceptance and support from Judaism, as well as an eagerness to promote positive change in Israel.”

Dani, 2019 Amazing Israel Participant 

“I loved Amazing Israel because I felt accepted as my true self at all times! Everyone was warm and welcoming. Every one became my family. My advice for other queer people would be: Don’t be afraid. Israel is a beautiful place with beautiful people and the group you’re with will make it feel at home.”

Adina, 2019 Amazing Israel Participant 

Want to talk with someone about creating the best Birthright Isreal: Amazing Isreal trip for you? Leave a comment, or head to our website at AmazingIsrael.com to chat with a representative today! 

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