If you had an amazing time in Israel and want to help others to have the same incredible experience, you could be a great Amazing Israel recruiter!

Anyone you recruit for Birthright Israel: Amazing Israel must be eligible for the program, complete the entire Birthright Israel application, and submit their deposit in order to be included in your total number of recruits. Everyone who you recruit will be able to input your name as their recruiter within the Birthright Israel application, so we’ll help you track throughout the registration process of who you’ve recruited and provide support to help you reach your goals.


  • You must officially enroll in the Amazing Israel recruitment program via this link.
  • Credit will be awarded for each recruit who submits a refundable deposit on time AND travels on a Birthright Israel trip. 
  • Credit is received only for eligible applicants who register for Birthright Israel: Amazing Israel trips.
  • You may only recruit for Birthright Israel: Amazing Israel trips & not recruit for another Trip Organizer.
  • Each registrant can only list one recruiter.
  • You will be rewarded soley during the season that the applicant travels.
  • Recruiting does not necessarily qualify you for staffing a trip. If you are interested in staffing a trip, please fill out this form.
  • You are not able to receive credit for signing up yourself.

Although we will do our best to prioritize applicants sent to us by our recruiters, we cannot guarantee a spot on our trips. The chance to be placed on a trip is greater dependent on how early an applicant has finished the application process and submitted a deposit.

Those selected to be recruiters will participate in a short training course.

Recruiters will be paid in Amazon gift cards or by a donation in your name to a charity based in Israel of your choice. One must successfully recruit at least 3 applicants who travel in a given season in order to receive payment.

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