Rules and Regulations:

Anyone you recruit for Birthright Israel Amazing Israel must be Birthright-eligible.

Anyone you recruit for Birthright Israel Amazing Israel must complete and submit a Birthright Israel application in its entirety, including submitting a refundable deposit.

Everyone you recruit will be able to input your name as their recruiter.

This will allow us to help you track your progress.

This will also allow us to support you in meeting, achieving and exceeding your recruitment goals.

 You must officially enroll in AIRs (Amazing Israel Recruiters) to participate in this exclusive program. To enroll, please kindly click here.

To receive credit, your recruit must register with and sign up for Birthright Israel Amazing Israel. (This can be done via the Birthright Israel Marketplace as well. Just make sure that your recruit selects Birthright Israel Amazing Israel!)

To receive credit, your recruit must submit a refundable deposit and travel to Israel with Birthright Israel Amazing Israel. 

You may only recruit on behalf of Birthright Israel Amazing Israel. You may not recruit for any other Birthright Israel Trip Organizer.

One recruiter per registrant. Registrants may not cite nor list more than one recruiter.

You will be rewarded for the season in which your applicant travels.  

Recruiting does not necessarily qualify you for staffing a trip. If you are interested in staffing a trip, please kindly click here.

While you are very important to us, we cannot allow you to receive credit (or even partial credit) for signing yourself up. Sorry!

We do our best to prioritize applicants submitted to us by our recruiters. To increase your recruit’s chances of being placed on a Birthright Israel Amazing Israel trip, we encourage your recruit to complete and submit his or her application and deposit as soon as possible. Compensation will be in the form of an Amazon gift card. Denomination to be determined. Must recruit at least three (3) applicants in order to be considered. Do you have what it takes? Sign up here and start sharing the gift of a Birthright Israel Amazing Israel!