Amazing Israel Urban Experience

From the ancient stone of Jerusalem to the graffiti and Bauhaus of Tel Aviv, Israel’s cities await you.

If you want to experience more culture, music and art, Urban TLV is the trip for you.

Amazing Israel’s newest opportunity will show you through the streets & markets of Israel with culinary visits, graffiti tours & more. Experience Israel by exploring the vibrant urban culture & discover the different atmospheres of each of Israel’s cities. There is no better way to do Birthright Israel while making lifelong friendships.

This trip focuses more on the major cities of Israel and less on hiking and the outdoors.

Appropriate for: All Jewish Backgrounds

Ages: We will be running buses for a variety of ages. See specific age groups for trips below.

Trips Departing:

(Ages 18 – 24) Departing 5/17/2017

(Ages 20 – 26) Departing 6/14/2017

(Ages 22 – 26) Departing 6/18/2017 from Los Angeles

(Ages 20 – 26) Departing 7/12/2017

(Ages 18 – 24) Departing 7/30/2017

Sample Itinerary

“I loved the opportunities the Urban Experience provided to experience Israel through modern art like graffiti”
~Hannah Feldman